university_entrance_examJEE main is an entrance examination held by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and it is one of the sure shot ways to enter IITs and NITs; securing your future and living your life king size. But if, you are of a foreign nationality; then drop the idea of going for JEE exam at least for this year as one of the criteria to be eligible for the exam is of being Indian nationality. Foreigners, Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) and Person of Indian Origin (PIO) category students are not eligible for admission to NITs, IITs and other centrally-funded institutions through JEE (Main). This is an issue for those students who want to pursue studies in IITs and NITs and grow and are of different nationality (other than being Indian).

Even if foreign students are studying for few years in India, then also these students are not eligible for JEE exam. This leaves out thousands of aspirants every year from appearing in JEE exam, because they are not of Indian nationality. Hence, dreams of foreign students getting into IITs and NITs are shattered due to this eligibility criterion; as it is keeping these foreign students out of the race of JEE exam.“Foreign students are not eligible to appear for the JEE exam” this comment is always a point of argument whenever it comes to admission to IITs and NITS. Whether foreign students should be given the chance to appear for JEE exams or the eligibility criterion is correct from the point of Indian students is always a question in the mind of aspiring students. Is this injustice with foreign students or justice with Indian students?There are many versions about the answer; some believe it is not correct, some believe it is absolutely correct and the argument goes on.

Out of all, one argument supports foreign students. As per this argument, a foreigner or a student who is not an Indian; should be allowed to take the exam as weare growing globally in every sector and every area worldwide these days then why foreign students are not given the chance to appear for JEE exam to enter IITs and NITs and grow?Why such a discrimination during global exposure period, just because they are not Indians? The competition should be open globally and not only in India. Indian should be given the opportunity to compete globally with foreign students in the global market to show their worth and their talent to the world.Many foreign meritorious students are missing the opportunity due to this criterion, which is absolutely wrong from their point of view.

Not only it is an injustice to these students, but is also a loss for IITs and NITs; because they are missing global cream of students because of this criterion. This discriminatory law only encourages reservations and brain drain and does not allow talented reverse brain drain. IITs and other examination bodies should consider this policy again and allow the students of foreign nationality to sit for JEE examinations and prove their metal. Rather, it should be open for all those who aspire to get in to IIT and excel in their career.

The other aspect of the argument does not favor foreign students. According to it, IITs and NITs are Indian institutes and so first preference should be given to Indian students, so that they can flourish as compared to foreign students. First of all, the competition is too tough in India itself moreover including foreign students from all over the world will make it even tougher for Indian students.Number of students appearing for the exam isalready many times more than the number of seats available in Institutes. Hence, if we allow foreign students also to participate in the same then it will be havoc and Indian students will find themselves cheated. So, when asked to Indian students what was their view on the same; they quickly replied that it is a valid point to keep the foreign students out of the race for JEE exam to avoid further competition.

Every year most of theseIndian students tryto crack JEE exam and do a rigorous preparation for almost 3-4 years; before they can actually appear for it. Due to which, there is already too much of pressure on Indian students to crack JEE exam.There are many students who are from middle class families or below than that, who are excellent in studies and have the capability to crack JEE exam. Not only their talent gets wasted, but also the hard earned money that the parents of these students are spending on their books, tuition fees, school fees, exam fees etc. So, if we include or rather allowforeign students to appear for the entrance exam; then it willbe injustice with Indian students as the competition will grow tougher and tougher.This will create lesser chance for the Indian students to qualify for IITs and NITs as the seats will not grow correspondingly.

But when we talk about the competition for these Indian students; don’t you think that it will be a good idea to allow foreigners to sit for exam? I know not many of you will agree with my point; but then think logically. We are giving a chance to these foreign students to think that Indian students are not competent enough to compete with hem. Now this is not what we want people to think about our students. Rather I firmly believe that these foreign students should be allowed to sit and write the exams. Even the parents of these foreign nationalities (who are Indian, but their child is born abroad) do invest lot of money in books and tuition fees classes. Sometimes, they even go to an extent of sacrificing their future for their children’s sake. Do you think this justice? The answer is NO!!

Both the arguments are correct in their own perspective with valid reasons behind, but these institutes should consider and make their policies keeping in mind the future of prospective students and the global market. It is very important in the global market to give equal opportunity to each and every student keeping equality in presence. Also, they should keep in mind the future of Indian student and should not martyr it; just in order to mint fat sum of money from these foreign students. So, institutes and government should take steps accordingly keeping both the things in mind. Hence, this argument will continue as long as some changes are made in the policy with regards to the issues faced by foreign students and also not impacting Indian students negatively or some new policy is constructed.

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